Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Summer Shirt

Having my mom in town is the best. We go to all the fabric stores within a 50 mile radius and load up on all kinds of deals. Joe watched the girls one afternoon and my mom and I set out to my favorite fabric store. No more full price fabric for me anymore. I'm sticking to the reduced, already cut bins and the "Bits and Pieces" collection in the corner of the store. The bits and pieces are pretty small, but for .99 cents, it's prefect for a contrasting bodice, sash, or straps. My favorite fabric store also has a shelf with "baby bolts" on them. They are the last bit of fabric from the bolt that they place on a baby bolt. You have to buy the whole baby bolt, but it's usually about a yard. And it's 20% off!

I saw this fabric on a baby bolt and it was in my cart within seconds of walking into the store. With my .99 cent bits and pieces fabric for the bodice and some left over Easter dress fabric for a little ruffle, I was able to make Gabs a new shirt for summer. She wanted a pocket, so I used the last of the bodice fabric for a pocket and now she's bright and summery even if the weather is not.

I'm hooked on trying to sew more clothes. I love originality. And I made this for $5. You can't beat that! Here's to trying to make more clothes!


Dara said...

Hi Jamie,
I found your blog by way of your sister Bryn. I used to work with her in Utah and I miss her a ton.
Anyway, I think you are so talented!!! And I read a few posts on your other Blog and I have to THAHNK YOU....I have a 16 month old baby and am pregnant with another, due in October. I am so scared about how this is going to effect my daughter's world as she knows it. And I worry so much about one on one time etc. Your blog made me feel so much better!!!
Thanks! And sorry for the random post!

Jill said...

Love the fabric you found! And you could never find a shirt that cute for $5! Sewing clothes for little girls is so much fun. Did you use a pattern or just wing it?

Bryn said...

That's perfect for summer. Does Gwen Gwen get one? They are adorable!

Marie Zinkand said...

ok so how creative are you there jamie. I am so jealous that you are so creative!! Send some of those creative juices this way:)
Marie Zinkand

Tasha said...

That is darling!! So so cute. I saw it on your other blog first and thought "Where does she find such cute clothes for her girls?" Well, of course you made. Way to go you. I love it. I need to start looking in those bins more often too. You got some great finds. Keep inspiring me!!

nicole said...

What an adorable shirt. Both your girls are going to be so well dressed and be so original. I think I love that most. They won't be wearing all the same clothes as their friends. What lucky girls!

Amy said...

hi, I just came across your blog tonight from blog hopping here and there... I absolutely love that little shirt- it's adorable! Did you use a pattern or make it up yourself? I'd love to make some for my neices!

Nancy said...

Super cute. Do you have a pattern or did you wing it? I'm new to sewing but would love to attempt for my daughter.