Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Leg Warmers

I must say, I am not a huge fan of the 80's trends making a comeback. Not a fan at all actually. However, if you are talking about the 80's leg warmer trends for little girls who refuse to wear anything but skirts in this cold, wet state we reside in, I'll make an exception. In fact, I think they're pretty darling.

I found a tutorial here on how to make leg warmers for little babies and toddlers from girls knee-high socks. I'm addicted! It literally takes minutes and I can't stop making them.

I haven't had the luxury of shopping knee-high socks anywhere fancy, so the current 2 for $1 socks at Wal-Mart will have to tide me over. Thankfully Gabriella loves them and willingly puts them on. By herself I must add! No more hassling with tights. Just good old fashion leg warmers! I love it!


Jill said...

What a great idea! And looks so easy too. My niece has hip dysplasia and has to wear a brace for the next few months. She can only wear onesies and so I know her mom is looking for leg warmers. I will have to make her some now! Thanks! Really cute too.

Tasha said...

So cute! I haev seen them on other little girls and I love them!! I am glad you have gotten into them and even better that Gabs loves them too.

Lisa said...

Really cute Jamie. I see other girls wearing them too and they are cute... I just haven't tried them on my girls. She looks adorable... perfect for cool rainy weather. We are done with any use for legwarmers here!

Colleen said...

Those leg warmers are adorable. Hmm... maybe my Jane would like a pair.

And if you would like to come to my crafty party (I'm definitely going to be making the Black Apple dolls) you are more than welcome to come!

I'll be posting the party info to my blog this week. So check back (