Friday, February 29, 2008

Dove Bib

Yesterday I ordered fabric for an Easter project I am so excited about...I'll surely post pictures when it's complete. I can't make it to the fabric store to pick up a new pattern until after naps this morning, so last night I had to do something. Being away for several weeks on vacation has left me eager to sew. So I rummaged through my scrap fabrics and pulled out some ribbon and came up with this lovely dove bib. Again, I backed it with the brown baby corduroy, but something like ribbed chenille would be so soft and perfect to wipe up the after meal mess. I hand embroidered the dove on just to add a little more homemade, personal feel. I wasn't in the mood to sew on Velcro, sometimes it just ends up looking messy, and I wasn't willing to take the time to sew a button hole, so I place the ribbon lengths in and called it good. I actually love that it ties in the back for an adjustable neck hole size. I think I'll be making more of these. I can just imagine cute, fresh, bright patterned fabric in orange and white for another bib! Now, here's a this a bib for a boy or girl? I don't know, you tell me so when I give it away I'll be giving it to the right mom to be.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Belts and Barrettes

These two ideas are easy peasy and almost not worthy of a post, but I said I would share my ideas, so here they are. Maybe my amateur attempts at craftiness will spark something in you more creative people and result in something far more brilliant.

I mentioned on my family blog that Gabs is getting less and less interested in having her hair done. Well, luckily for us, these little clipy do-dads have saved yet another battle of the wills. We have found a compromise. Ever since Gwens hair has grown long enough to hold a clip, Gabs has insisted in having a clip too. I bought Goody barrettes, scrapbooking flowers and used buttons I have saved from clothes for years. Apply a little hot glue and now you have a mom and a little girl happy with the hair wardrobe situation. I choose more spring colored flowers, but can't wait until Fall rolls around when we'll make red, brown and orange ones.

And, if you're anything like me, you see a little more of your little girlies behind than you'd like. Gabs has a serious problem, I have yet to find any pants that stay on her. So I bought d-rings and some ribbon and sewed a little seam, and there you have it. I added the floweres for fun, but they were cute without too.

So, now hopefully I'll be seeing a lot less bum and lot more groomed hair around here!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crayon Roll

Another project that was so so super fast. These crayon rolls was my ticket to a peaceful sacrament meeting...unfortunately I only made one and Gwen was more interested than I expected. I need to hurry and make another before next Sunday! I went with the twistable crayons because Gabriella likes to peel the paper off normal crayons. Although that would keep her quiet and occupied for several minutes, probably not such a good idea in the chapel! I also made some with colored pencils. You can make the roll as long as you need, and each pocket size can be adjusted to fit whatever writing tools you have. I also added the pocket for paper. The instructions on how to make one can be found at Fun for a gift as well!

Colored Rice

Since many of you inquired about this on my family blog I thought I'd share it here. This is not a sewing or craft project, but it is nothing fancy, and oh so popular with my girls. Ever since I made this with Gabs last Friday, she has asked to play with it every morning! We put it in a storage bin that we have here, but I think the best one would be those shallow, sweater tupperware that fit under the bed. The girls have loved filling all their bowls and cups and making "picnics." I cut up an egg carton and those have provided hours of joy as well as ice trays, especially if you have fun shaped ones. For boys, I'm sure trucks and G.I. Joes will be just as entertaining. We've also buried pennies, buttons, clips, and yarn and searched for them in the rice. So, here's how you do it, so easy...

Take a plastic baggie and add a tiny bit of 1 tsp. or so.
Drop a few drops of food coloring in...the more you put in, the darker the rice will turn out.
Add 1.5 to 2 cups rice.
Shake bag to coat all the rice.
Lay out on cookie sheet and put in oven for 30 minutes at 200.
Use same baggie and repeat with different color food coloring.

Total we made about 5 cups because I was out of red food coloring. I'm sure if you have a big bin, you'll need more. We just layed out a big oil cloth mat and they went crazy...what's vacuuming the house one more time than we already do anyway?

I got this idea from a a web site called write, mama write. There are millions of ideas for little toddlers.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Poodle Skirt and Mail Bag

Next Friday Joe is taking Gabriella on a daddy daughter date. There is a Valentine's dance at the elementary school down the street for girls and their dads. The theme is a sock hop, so Gabs I went to the store to pick out the felt for her skirt. She choose purple and wanted a purple leash too. I added a little pink tuille underneath to fluff it up some and give it a little someting extra. She wore it all around the house the day I made it, but you'll have to check out the family blog next week so you can see pictures of her all dressed up. She is so excited to go "dancing with daddy."

I just found a "how-to" on line. It was very straight forward and easy. Very little sewing...I even cheated and hot glued the leash and poodle on. So fun for a dress up box! Now if only I could make saddle shoes...

As for the mail bag, I found another easy, easy tutorial. I decided to go the inexpensive and free route and use muslin and ribbon I already had for the bag. But the possibilities are endless for this fun bag...bright fabrics to carry pool toys to the pool in, or a book bag for the car, or to put goodies in for your neightbor...lots of ideas. It's amazing what kinds of ideas you can find on the internet. Thank goodness for talented people out there!