Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Tie For My Little Guy

It's been killing me that I haven't made Henry anything to wear. I sew tons of girl clothes, but for a boy, I didn't know where to start. The options for cute boy wear are a little more limited in my opinion. But when I saw a pattern for ties at my favorite fabric store, I knew I would become hooked. Nothing says "heart melter" like a little guy in a tie. I'm a sucker for little boys looking like grown ups.
I picked up the adorable seahorse fabric for Henry's nursery, but I decided to wait until we move to decorate a room for him. It's SO hard for me to find boy fabric I like. It has to be the right colors, masculine, not too gimmicky, not too baby, but still cute. Anyway, I loved this fabric right away and bought a bunch. It's been taunting me for months to do something with it. I thought a tie would be perfect.
And yes, I know, this is probably nothing new or exciting to most of you, but to me, a new mother to a boy, this is both new and exciting. I made it in no time and want to make dozens more. I'm actually thinking about taking orders (Is that illegal? I looked on the pattern but I don't see anything about selling products made from the pattern.) Hmm, I wonder how much I could charge?