Monday, April 21, 2008

Burp Cloths

Again, I have never claimed to doing anything fancy or anything that original. This here is no exception. But I'm posting it anyway. This is for anyone who doesn't have a baby, has never been to a baby shower, or pretty much has never seen a baby. These are the best and easiest burp cloths in the world. A little cloth diaper and some fabric or ribbon and you're set. They're great because they are super absorbent. I love simple ones with only ribbon running down the center seams. But they're also really fun to gussy up a bit with some personal monogramming and velvet ribbon. You can also line the middle with some great throw back fabric inspired by the 50's, or use bold, bright colors that have nothing to do with babies what so ever. I love them all. My mom and I found some Dick and Jane fabric and thought it was perfect for a bib and burp cloth set. They are super fun, super quick, and super cheap to make...way better than the $15-$20 sets found at boutiques!

Anyway, just in case you've been under a rock....


Bryn said...

Love them! Even though it's a simple project (for you, by the way, not all of us) it's all about the great fabric you find!

Dara said...

I would love directions on making those! Very cute! And so much better then the plain old white cloth diapers!
thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

I kind of live under a rock! and would need more directions, they sound cute and fun to make. Can you do more directions on your blog or email me thanks

Tasha said...

I love these birp clothes too. They really are the only ones I will use with my own kids. I love the dick and jane fabric too. So cute! Post everything you make because we LOVE seeing it ALL!!! You keep us inspired!

Elise said...

Hi Jamie,

This is Elise Morrison from St. Louis. I found your blog from Kari Kawa's. I have been "spying" on all of your neat projects and incredible photography for a few weeks. You are truly amazing! It has been so fun to see pictures of your girls and read about all that you are sewing, etc. I am totally not a crafty person, but I see what you are doing and am inspired. I am even thinking about getting a sewing machine for my birthday.

So, hello from St. Louis. (We are still here, John is doing anesthesia at SLU.) And thanks for sharing the great things that you are working on.