Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I have no idea where this little ornament came from. Was it from mom, grandma, a great aunt? I don't know, but it's an ornament that I've had forever. I noticed Gabs playing with it yesterday, so I thought I could make her and Gwen their very own versions. It doesn't have quite the perfect craftsmanship as mine does, but it will do. Joe thought I was kinda crazy for making a red bird with blue and cream wings, but I wanted the ornament to reflect me and my tastes at this point. I think it's fun to look back over your ornaments, or anything and see the decades and style they represent. Most of my ornaments say 80's, but that's what they should say. My favorite christmas colors are this bricky red, and light blue. I don't know if it screams 21st century, but it certainly expresses in a small way my style. I want my girls to always have pieces of me, and this little 2007 bird ornament fits the bill.

Oh yes, Gabs reminded me that she needs a necklace too, so I'll have to come up with some way to work that out.


Bryn said...

I love that bird too and I love your updated version! I think Gabs will definetly know that it was your taste when she looks at it...and she'll love it! You do such CUTE work!

The Seaquist Family said...

Ok, you just whipped that out of your head? You are so creative and amazing. That would have easily been a weeks prep for me. But I am a pattern girl. They give order and direction. I have discovered that I am great at copying and not so great at inventing. I think you are the opposite! Too cute!

nicole said...

Your talent amazes me, inspires me and frustrates me all at once! One sister should not be allowed to hog all the talent! Love you.

Jill said...

What a great idea for this blog! You are so creative. I would like to post more of my projects but don't want to turn our family blog into "Jill's craft extravaganza" so I might have to come up with a crafty blog too. Good idea. Cute ornaments too! And the pj's are impressive. I also hate patterns! Why are they so confusing to read?!

Heidi said...

Jaime C.,
Thanks for being on the ball and sharing your cuteness and creativity. One of my best crafty friends shared your blog with me and I am inspried. Funny thing, I know Joe's family quite well.
Also, is Joe at Fort Lewis? It seems I heard that he is doing medicine the same way my family did when I was growing up.
Thanks again for your great ideas, but more, for following through with your resolutions.
Any chance you've got tips for sewing with little ones around? Take a picture of the messes one of these days...