Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bean Bags

While this is less of a sewing project and more of an embroidery project, I just wanted to share these fun bean bags. This September while we were in California, we visited with my grandma and grandpa. Gabriella and Dax quickly found these bean bags that my grandpa's sister had made for my dad and his sisters. They thought they were great. Bryn and I remembered playing with them when we were little. We loved them. We decided that we needed to replicate them for our kids, and maybe our kids kids, since bean bags are one of those timeless toys that all kids seem to love. Yesterday they opened them for Christmas, and while they aren't the favorite thing right now, I can't wait for this summer when we can go outside and take sidewalk chalk and make a hopscotch and I can teach them a game or two with these cute, little bean bags.


nicole said...

I totally remember these. Your version is so cute. Bryn told me you made them, but I never dreamed they'd turn out as well as they did. I love them. I don't think I could replicate them for Dylan and Isaac, so I might have to commission a set from you! =)

Shanen said...

OH MY GOSH...I so remember those beanbags, you did a great job and making them. And why weren't we informed of this new blog. I just accidently came across it. I can't wait to see more. And I love the jammies. Super cute. You are a very talkented lady. I will call soon. Love you

Lisa said...

Very cute. Love that you are nostalgic. Your kids will love them because you do!

AmyandDax said...

Love this idea!! I just happened on your blog and am loving all your cute ideas.... with Christmas around the corner, all of your cute projects will be great homemade gifts.... perfect for getting back to a simpler life.!!! Tell me though, what kind of games do you play with these? If you get this message, email me at THANKS!!! (Yes, my HUSBAND'S name is Dax... one of the originals!!)