Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Surprise is right!

If you want to see what knocked my socks off the other night, click here.

How exciting is that! I found this site about a week ago and it is fabulous!

I have big plans to make that play house for our old table that has just become my sewing table in my bedroom. I first need to finish the Easter presents. Which by the way are almost complete, I should be done tonight. Thank goodness! I'll post pictures soon.


Gav, Sarah, & kids said...

Wow, that is awesome. You're famous! How fun to get recognition for doing something you already love to do. Congrats.

Tasha said...

I actually went to Craft Pad randomly this week and saw your stuff there!! I was so excited for you. Pretty cool. That mail bag you did is pretty fabulous though, so I am not that surprised. You do such amazing things. I love coming to see what new thing you are up to. And you are making your gifts for your kids Easter Baskets?? You are so good!! I can't wait to see and what a cute idea. I will have to remember that for next year. Your girls are very lucky to have you!

Jennifer said...

No surprise here Jamie. You really have some mad skills and I'm still behind my comment from long ago that you should open shop. You and some cute children's boutique would be perfect for each other. OK about the fabric house. I am all over it. Do you want to do it together. It will be like old times!!! I might even let the poor kids bring toys downstairs to play in it with!

Lisa said...

Jamie, how fun. Did you comment or that blog or something? How did she find you? Too fun -- you are famous! And check out my friend Staci C's blog. She is going to copy your crayonroll!

Bryn said...

I love that playhouse! What a great idea for the girls to play while you work and they won't even know you are making it for them to play in it only so you can work! Very sneaky! :)