Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Easter Baskets

The last several years we have spent Easter in Utah with Joe's family. I'm ashamed to admit that we always just borrowed Easter baskets from Joe's mom for the girls. With this being our first year at home for Easter, I thought it was time to get the girls their own Easter baskets. Then the thought came to me that I should make them. And once I've had a thought, it is hopeless for me to concentrate on anything else. I was now going to make them no matter what.

I thought about making fabric baskets...that seemed much too difficult. I thought about metal pails...but the colors I found were all wrong. One day, while walking through Target I saw these plastic serving bowls for $1.99. I loved the colors. They were springy, but not too pastely. I thought about how I could do a handle, and saw a string of beads in Joann's. I remembered that we have a huge bead warehouse near by that I hadn't ever been to. I decided it was time to check it out. There were beads everywhere, and I walked out with three strands each for $2.15. I bought some memory wire to serve as the handle support.

Joe drilled the holes for me and for FHE Gabriella strung her beads on her basket. She picked the yellow basket with pink beads, Gwen's is pink with blue beads, and we even made an extra for some future date that is a blue basket with green beads. I used rub ons for their names and added the ribbon to hide any visible wire.

So here are their 2008 Easter baskets, straight from my own head (I know, shocker I didn't copy someone). Their not perfect. I wish the handles would stay standing on their own, and I wish I would have been patient enough to wait for vinyl lettering to have been ordered, but I can always replace the rub-ons with vinyl lettering later. With those few exceptions, that I will fix for next year, I am pretty pleased with the results. I'm especially pleased they only cost about $7 a piece to make. A nice, cheap, but personal project, that's my kind of project.


nicole said...

Oh my gosh! Freaking adorable. What a cute idea and so fun to make. I love that Gabriella was able to help too. I'm sure the girls will love their handmade baskets.

Tasha said...

Love them!! Such a cute idea. You are so good at making things up. I am sure your girls (especially Gabrilla) will remember making them too. I am still looking for baskets myself. I just haven't found what I want that I could make. It might not happen this year for me. Love yours though!!

Kelli said...

I am so loving you. I am not crafy in anyway but you have me atleast thinking in that direction. Your my inspiration. hehe. take care and post lots of pictures and step by step directions always just for me. Can I add you to my blog as a link? Kelli

Jennifer said...

Very cute Jamie.

Jill said...

Great baskets and so original!