Monday, March 22, 2010


I wasn't going to make the girls Easter dresses this year. Things are busy and Easter has snuck up on me. And frankly, I had no idea what type of dress I would make. I wasn't feeling inspired and I didn't want to make a trip to the fabric store without an idea in mind. So I was just going to pass on Easter dresses.
Then, last week, I ran into Wal-Mart to get some photo sleeves. I walked right passed the fabric and next thing I knew I was miraculously standing in front of the bargain shelves. I saw this yellow fabric and LOVED the color. I have always loved mustard yellow, but most of the time, the yellow I see is not exactly the right color yellow. This was perfect, and for $1.50 a yard, I hurry and got 3 yards cut. I knew immediately I wanted gray to go with it, since that is my favorite combination with yellow these days, and wouldn't you know it, I found the gray buried under a few other bolts for $1.50 as well. 2 yards later, I had Easter dresses on the brain.
I love the blog Katie Did and the Easter dresses she made last year for her girls. So I searched through her archives (because I don't have the patience for adorable little roses on a collar...and I know my girls pretty well. They would have refused something so cute!) and saw a dress she did a few years ago and that's what I did for Gwen. Pretty much copied her idea straight off her blog. What's not to love about a simple dress with a huge ruffle right down the middle. Simple enough for me. Thanks Katie. You're a genius.
Being the smart mom that I am, I showed Little Miss Picky the dress I was planning on making and she told me she didn't want it like that with the big ruffle. So, I asked if she's like a skirt with big ruffles instead. Lucky for me, she said yes. I improvised and made Gabs skirt based on a skirt Gwen had just gotten from her Grandma that has been a huge hit.
Now, both girls are happy with their own Easter outfits. Mom's happy she doesn't have to feel guilty for not making something. And it only cost dad $7.50.
Now I just have to figure out what to do for Henry.


nicole said...

So sweet. I can't wait to see the dresses on them. Take some leftover yellow fabric and make Henry a tie to match the girls with gray cords. Should be easy enough, right? Just a thought.

Carly Jane said...

Cute! Don't you just love bargains at Wal-mart? I think Henry needs a new tie and the three are good to go!

Jill said...

Wow... I was planning to copy Katiedid Easter dresses as well! Except I was going to attempt the Roses around the collar... but that might be crazy. And I haven't even started yet, so we'll see if it actually gets done. Did you use a pattern for the Aline dress or just wing it? Your dresses are adorable. Love the yellow color.

Jesslyn said...

Adorable!! I'm so going to copy those dresses! Simple but so cute.

Tasha said...

You are seriously fabulous. I love them. I cannot wait to see pictures of them in them. I think it will make me double happy. See I have to live girly things off my friends. And I beyond love how you dress and do things with your girls. It makes me happy. Maybe Henry needs a yellow tie? Or grey? Boys are easy. Not so much you can do with them.

Michelle said...

So cute, I can't wait to see them on Easter Sunday. You should make Henry a matching tie out of the left over grey and yellow fabric.

Too cute.

Jennifer said...

How about a cute new tie to match? The dresses are going to be awesome of course because you made them. I've been dying to know how things went with the quilt square challenge!

Alex said...

SO FAB!! Do you mind doing the ruffle skirt tutorial? I LOVE IT!
Or do you think you can email me simple instructions. I have a 1year old and would love to do this for her!
I'm willing to pay you for the instructions!